Leadership In Motion

Whether you are a follower of Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), Jeffrey Sternberg (Triarchic Theory / WICS) or Hugh O’Doherty (Adaptive Leadership), or indeed any Leadership trail blazer, there is one thing that all experts agree on: 

Leadership is something that you DO.

At Voice Matters we ensure that our clients engage with their customers, teams and stakeholders in a natural and congruent way. Without the congruence of brain, body and voice no one is perceived as believable or trustworthy. Great Leaders walk that fine line balancing their superb attitude with creativity, innovation and impressive communication skills. Too often we are told that someone is a brilliant thinker or an excellent strategist, and are deeply disappointed when we hear them speak. No matter how good someone’s ideas might be, a poorly delivered message leaves the listener (the team, the organisation and the customer) feeling flat and uninspired. At some point in everybody’s life we have all demonstrated congruence and influenced someone to do something. Swap a toy, play football, go on a date, get married… It’s natural and we have all done it! Now we will show you how to have the skills and techniques to produce this persuasive congruence again and again when it matters most. In current times, when the windows of opportunity get smaller, and the consequences of failure versus success are greater – there are rarely second chances.

Our Leadership in Motion programmes take the very best from the Psychology of Persuasion, Physical and Vocal Performance, Emotional Intelligence, Professional Theatre, Film & TV Practises, Linguistic Influencers, Media Skills and successful Leadership Styles. We create practical, challenging and powerful learning environments, so that you can get measurable High Performance results from your Leaders and Teams. For more details, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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