The Reality

The speed and complexity of change in organizations is increasing with alarming intensity. However endless qualifications, new vision, plans and processes alone can not deliver success. Change can be a complex psychological, interpersonal, inter-group dynamic process and often the mouthpiece of the organisation finds difficulty in transmitting the passion and enthusiasm to generate buy-in from colleagues, clients and customers.

According to research by the Harvard Business School, the number one attribute that will lead you to the top of any profession, is the ability to speak passionately, persuasively and professionally, especially in public. Undoubtedly those individuals who can communicate with impact and win others over to their ideas, and way of thinking, are the ones who will enjoy the best careers, rewards and relationships.

We Can Help You

For the last 24 years Poll Moussoulides, Director of Voice Matters, has been providing training to some to the most influential Leaders and Teams in the corporate, political and entertainment sectors.

Our Courses and Coaching Programs are designed to help Leaders and Teams master the art and craft of effective communication. Whether creating trust in the promotion of new ideas or products, whether guiding organisations through change and innovation, or whether instilling a fresh and renewed approach to confident, inspirational and dynamic speaking, these programs are invigorating for both organisation and individual.

"Experience and expertise count for nothing if it cannot be communicated to those around you. I have worked with Poll several times on a one to one basis and also on senior management development programs, and each time I have been challenged and supported to bring my Leadership skills to the next level. His ability to acknowledge someone's natural communication style and adapt it into an efficient and impactful presentation is very reassuring. For confidential and results focused coaching, I unreservedly recommend Poll Moussoulides."

David Harney
(Chief Executive, Irish Life Corporate Business)

"This has been one of the best courses I have ever attended. Thank you Poll. I loved the energy that went onto the day and your delivery to such a variety of personalities was fantastic. It was a rare opportunity for staff and volunteers to learn together. Thanks again for equipping us with the tools to feel more confident in delivering a speech or presentation, and more importantly motivating us to continue to learn."

Teresa Thompson
(Leinster Golf)

"What a fantastic personalised training program. Thank you for helping me grow as a speaker and as a person. You have made a huge difference and I know it will have an impact for years to come. As a professional speaker, especially with the legacy that my father has created, it is very difficult for me to get honest feedback that helps me to grow in both confidence and effectiveness. Your coaching has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and strive to become the best speaker that I can be. For anyone who wishes to raise their speaking and performance skills to the highest levels, I strongly recommend Voice Matters and Poll Moussoulides."

Tom Ziglar
(CEO, Ziglar Corporation)

"I found Poll's course inspiring, motivating, challenging and just what I needed to move my career forward. As an exceptional communications expert, Poll offers one of the very best professional development courses I have ever undertaken - both at home and abroad. Not only is the course thorough, well planned and demanding, it is also excellent value for money."

Rosaleen Molloy
(National Director, Music Generation)

"For over a decade Poll Moussoulides has been a most trusted adviser. He very quickly understood my leadership style and gave me the tools to confidently deliver key messages with clarity, purpose and strength. His ability to cut through detail and identify the core messages that move people towards change is exceptional. In times when the 'voice' of Leadership must be at it's best, I have found his calm, insightful and inspirational coaching to be invaluable."

Geraldine Ruane
(Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey Ireland)

"Many thanks for a superb course, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I learnt so much. I have seldom met anyone who is able to impart knowledge and skills in the way that Poll did. I went from being uncertain about public speaking to now loving to learn and do more. This in itself is the highest compliment I can pay you."

John Roche
(Group Managing Director, Eurotek)

"For a rather long time afterwards the talk was about your session and how enjoyable and enlightening it was. Our organisation is in the middle of huge change and is trying to keep up with increasing public demands. Your insights were right on message and it was hugely important for all of us. The techniques are already paying dividends, both in dealing more effectively with our public and in building better communications within our dispersed office. I really thank you again for putting in so much work in preparing for the day."

Melanie Pine
(Director, Equality Tribunal)

"Simply, the best communications training I have attended! No waffle, no nonsense theories from books, just good, practical and effective advice. My organisation is now running more smoothly, my teams are happier and our presentation success rate has doubled. Thank you Poll."

John Baker
(CEO, Pharmaceutical Industry)

"Working with Poll is positively transforming. He has an incredible ability to make you conscious of all levels of communication and skilfully shows you how to bring together structure, meaning, vocal and physical delivery so that your message has maximum impact. When reaching for the highest possible standards his incisive insights and supportive guidance identify exactly what a Presenter needs to be successful, while still allowing your true personality to shine through. Thank you so much Poll, I wish I had you with me in work every day!"

Sheana Keane
(Psychologist & TV Presenter)

"Poll Moussoulides was highly recommended to me as an insightful communications expert. He met with our team and, in a very short space of time, fully grasped and understood our needs. Creating a focused environment he skillfully brought together key Management and facilitated essential and meaningful dialogue, allowing us to reassess and move forward with greater clarity and vision. He remains an invaluable counsel to individuals and groups within our organisation."

Brian Delaney
(Group Director, Head of Equities, NCB Stockbrokers Ltd.)