Smart Phones vs Smart People

Last year I read research which revealed that smart phones are now outselling desk top computers and more than 57% of people in Japan are reading their emails only on their iPhone, Blackberry or Galaxy. The statistics showed that USA, Canada and Europe are not far behind and very quickly heading the same way.

As if there wasn’t enough pressure for us all to be competent public speakers, this research dramatically raises the stakes when it comes to how we use our brain, body and voice in our communications. It is now more essential than ever that we get it right and connect within diminishing windows of opportunity.

The good news is that the research in neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence is more than matching the advances in digital technology. This means that we already have the information and resources to engage successfully with our contemporary audiences. We already have the insights as to how this decade’s teenager and adult will process and respond to our messages.

When I am hired to work with clients from the commercial, education and governance sectors, I spend a lot of time on the powerful effects of Primacy and Recency. With my background in Theatre, Film and Television, it has always been clear that a good start and a good finish is essential for creating a lasting impact. However, with the excellent research in neuroscience, we now have the ability to influence in which part of our audience’s brain we would like our message to be stored – short term memory or long term memory. First impressions are most likely to last, and final impressions are most likely to generate behavioural responses in the present or near future. (Now you know why some TV commercials are more successful than others!)

As a Voice and Personal Performance Specialist, it is always a pleasure to combine skills with Terry Small (the ‘Brain Guy’) and deliver our ‘Smart Savvy Leader’ courses and seminars. When the brain, body and voice come together to deliver memorable messages, the congruence brings improvements all round, and all departments in the organisation are happy – Marketing, Human Resources, Senior Executives and of course our ‘bottom-line’ friends in Finance!

The human body is amazing, and huge improvements are possible when maximising the greatest technology on the planet – ourselves!

One Mind, one Body, one Voice. That’s all we get to last a lifetime.
Make them work together, and together they will work for you.

© Poll Moussoulides 2012

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